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A startup studio (a.k.a. startup factory) is an ideal platform for building successful businesses

Central resources

We have everything we need to build a successful startup – technical and business people, capital, ideas.

Building multiple startups

We work on multiple ideas and products in parallel – each of them lead by a dedicated startup CEO, supported by our core team.

Seed and spinoff

When a product or service starts to become successful, we raise a seed investment and spin it off into a separate company – and then it grows like a regular startup.

What Our Team Members, Investors and Partners Said

A startup studio is an effective platform for building business

Opportunity to grow

Thanks to the support of Drukka, Helpy can now expand to more cities and we've even started to implement our regional expansion plan.

Timur Csillik

Timur Csillik CEO of Rendi

Next gen venture building

Startup studios offer a more cost efficient and less risky way of building startups.

Attila Szigeti

Attila Szigeti Entrepreneur

Our Team

CEO of Drukka
Tamas Bohner
CEO of Appmedia
Gabor Horvath
CEO of Coinpay
Andras Lowy
COO of Drukka, CEO of Gratific
Attila Szigeti
CEO of Rendi
Timur Csillik
CEO of Neatly
Mate Kiraly
CEO of Tickething
Bence Toreky
Adrienn Wagner
Bernadett Bryson
Patricia Havancsak
Social Media
Gabor Balogh
Online Marketing
Lajos Danko
Quality Assurance
Istvan Ringhoffer
Barnabas Takacs
Andor Korodi


Focusing on high growth markets

We focus our attention on markets that produce high growth and are ready to be disrupted by technology, like fintech, sharing economy...

Dedicated CEO + core team

All our startup initiatives have a dedicated leader, who is experienced in building startups. Our core team supports the initial product build and growth.

Financing first 3 months

We provide the funds necessary for an initial build and market validation. During this time, the startup initiative is part of Drukka Ltd.

Providing network and resources

We have an extended network of business partners and investors, and we open up this network to our new startup initiatives, to accelerate growth.

Seed + Spinoff

Once on of our initiatives takes off - producing revenue and sustainable growth - we raise a seed round and spin it off into a separate company.

Risk-free startup

Because we build multiple startups, we can reassign all team members from unsuccessful initiatives to new ones. So we can keep together the team. We take out the risk from failure.

Cost efficient

Building businesses with a centralized team also means that we are more efficient in using our capabilities. This means that we can build companies in a more cost-efficient way.

Great ROI

For our investors this means a much better equity option in our startups, especially if they join in early.